4 Qualities to Look in a Powder Coating Company

Selecting a powder coating partner for your commercial/industrial finishing needs is easy if you consider the following key factors.  

Experience-How long has the powder coating company you are considering been in business and do they have experience in the area of expertise you require?  While some powder coating companies have experience finishing motorcycle and car parts, and others finish long runs of 10,000 widgets,  that doesn’t mean they can handle the 2000# weldment your company needs to have finished.  Select your powder coating partner based on their experience with meeting your specific needs.

Approach-Making your product look good and perform well should be a team approach between you and your powder coating partner.  The goal of your powder coating partner should be to achieve this, while at the same time minimizing the amount of time you have to commit to the relationship.  Select your powder coating partner based on their ability to provide you with peace of mind.

Quality-More often that not, manufacturers change their finishing vendors because they are not satisfied with the quality they are getting.  It is important to demand a quality finish as it represents the quality of your product.  Select your powder coating partner based on their list of satisfied customers, and don’t be afraid to check their references.

Communication-Many powder coating companies can provide the basic service of metal finishing, however, they fail at communicating.  Communication can take the form of confirming receipt of materials as well as confirming due dates.  It should also include  understanding a customer’s specific needs for a product.  And while these attributes are sufficient most of the time, in the “real world,” unexpected things happen!  Select your powder coating partner based on their ability to adapt to real world situations and communicate how you will address them as a “team”.

Choosing the right powder coating company for your product is an important factor in its success. The professionals at Powder Coating Technologies take pride in contributing to the success of every product. To discover more about the commercial/industrial finishing capabilities of Powder Coating Technologies, reach out to the experts today.