4 Qualities to Look for in Your Powder Coating Partner

4 Qualities to Look in a Powder Coating Company

Selecting a powder coating partner for your commercial/industrial finishing needs is easy if you consider the following key factors.  

Experience-How long has the powder coating company you are considering been in business and do they have experience in the area of expertise you require?  While some powder coating companies have experience finishing motorcycle and car parts, and others finish long runs of 10,000 widgets,  that doesn’t mean they can handle the 2000# weldment your company needs to have finished.  Select your powder coating partner based on their experience with meeting your specific needs.

Approach-Making your product look good and perform well should be a team approach between you and your powder coating partner.  The goal of your powder coating partner should be to achieve this, while at the same time minimizing the amount of time you have to commit to the relationship.  Select your powder coating partner based on their ability to provide you with peace of mind.

Quality-More often that not, manufacturers change their finishing vendors because they are not satisfied with the quality they are getting.  It is important to demand a quality finish as it represents the quality of your product.  Select your powder coating partner based on their list of satisfied customers, and don’t be afraid to check their references.

Communication-Many powder coating companies can provide the basic service of metal finishing, however, they fail at communicating.  Communication can take the form of confirming receipt of materials as well as confirming due dates.  It should also include  understanding a customer’s specific needs for a product.  And while these attributes are sufficient most of the time, in the “real world,” unexpected things happen!  Select your powder coating partner based on their ability to adapt to real world situations and communicate how you will address them as a “team”.

Choosing the right powder coating company for your product is an important factor in its success. The professionals at Powder Coating Technologies take pride in contributing to the success of every product. To discover more about the commercial/industrial finishing capabilities of Powder Coating Technologies, reach out to the experts today.

The Role of a “Batch” Powder Coater Powder Coating Technologies

What to Expect When Taking on the Powder Coater Role

Powder coating provides high performance finishes suitable for thousands of products  such as bulk machinery and household items you depend on daily.  It provides a more durable finish with a high resistance to chipping, scratching, and other wear and tear than traditional wet paints.   

A professional powder coater turns new metal into works of art, while renewing older pieces that are once again exciting and functional.   When starting a project as a batch powder coater at Powder Coating Technologies, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Powder coaters play a vital role in all specialized painting projects, no matter how big or small the finished product.  As key decision makers, batch powder coaters have an active hand from the very beginning, including racking parts and determining their placement on the racks.   

Batch powder coaters assess the effectiveness of pre-treatments being used and suggest necessary adjustments to ensure proper applications.  When working with Powder Coating Technologies, you will become highly skilled in applying a variety of powder colors and textures that result in a uniform, durable, high-quality and attractive finish.  You will become knowledgeable with oven controls and assist with determining the proper cure cycles based on the powder being used and the application.  


When it comes to the role of the powder coater, responsibilities go far beyond the painting process. While powder coaters use a number of tools including powder paint guns, they also have the responsibility to set up the paint booth, monitor gauges for even pressure and accuracy, and ensure all equipment is well-maintained and prepared for the next project.  At Powder Coating Technologies, you will be carefully trained to use all of this equipment.

From beginning to end, batch powder coaters become familiar with the entire finishing process.  They have input into the pre-treatment process, are actively involved in the application of powder coatings, and assume a critical role in the final outcome of their projects.  Throughout the powder coating process, each powder coater maintains a vital role in the quality control processes and conducts quality checks after each stage of the finishing process. Before the project is complete, powder coaters inspect finished parts for proper coating, thickness and chip resistance. 


There are many opportunities powder coaters encounter while working specialized projects in addition to the application of powder coatings.  Opportunities to learn more about surface preparation, curing times, and different types of powders are just some of the experiences powder coaters will become familiar with. The skillset of batch powder coating also provides a variety of experience, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction.

To discover more about powder coating and the role of the batch powder coater, reach out to the experts at Powder Coating Technologies.  

How Minneapolis Weather Can Affect your Powder Coating Projects

How Minneapolis Weather Can Affect your Powder Coating Projects

Minneapolis, MN residents and frequent visitors know all too much about how the local weather can damage construction projects, lawn furniture, and more. To protect your powder coating projects and powder coated equipment from premature weathering, it is important to know what factors can be the culprits of a chipped or rusty finish. Here are the major conditions to pay attention to if you plan to store lawn furniture, architectural equipment, heavy machinery, or other powder coated objects outside.



Minneapolis, MN summers can get as hot as 90+ degrees, and winters commonly see temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. The sun can also do a number on your powder coated projects. Over time, UV rays reduce the gloss and color washout of powder coated equipment. Although it isn’t always possible to keep your powder coated project from experiencing these conditions, consider indoor storage or covers for the hottest and coldest seasons of the year when you can. 



The average annual percentage of humidity in Minneapolis, MN is 70{fe4123c524951f1a5d4ea6a58c166372034174fac0ac38f0231c86b0d31d0488}. High humidity negatively impacts powder coating durability and appearance. When powder coatings pull in and trap moisture from the surrounding air, it can lead to discoloration and staining. For outdoor furniture and other equipment that ultimately will stay outside in the humidity, we recommend that you double-check with your specialized powder coating provider that they use high performance exterior durability grade powders.

Minneapolis, MN weather can be unpredictable. Some items that are powder coated are just meant to be outside. What’s the point of outdoor furniture if you have to store it inside, anyways? 

How to protect your powder coated project from Minneapolis weather damage

So, what else can you do to ensure your powder coated project holds up to Minnesota’s wide ranging weather conditions?  

Look for the right powder coating type

Ask your Minneapolis powder coating provider what type of powder coating they will be using for your project. Polyester powder coats provide strong resistance against UV rays for those hot summer months. 

Finish it right

Choosing the right powder coating type is one thing, but finishing the project right is the best way to ensure a long-lasting appearance and durability. 

The pre-treatment process is essential to the performance of your powder coated project.  Ensure that your powder coating provider uses industry standard pre-treatment chemicals, as well as stripping and sandblasting techniques when required.

For steel applications, your powder coating provider should recommend a powder primer as a base coat for improved durability and weatherability.

Powder Coating Technologies has the largest powder coating oven in the upper Midwest. We specialize in large/heavy object powder coating and provide quick turnaround.

Contact us today to get started on your powder coating project.