Powder Coating Keeps Your Business Environmentally Friendly

When metal equipment starts looking a bit dull and showing signs of corrosion and wear and tear, it’s not uncommon to consider upgrading to newer equipment. For many businesses, acquiring new equipment may not be within the operational budget. Many may consider industrial painting as an option, while others may want more eco-friendly alternatives to keep their equipment clean, green, and sustainable. To update your equipment and protect the environment from harmful pollutants, let’s look at some key differences between powder coating and traditional liquid painting. 


Before we jump into what makes powder coating a better, more eco-friendly option, we need to understand the main differences between liquid painting and powder coating. Unlike traditional liquid paint, powder coating is solvent-free. For reference, solvents hold paint in its liquid form. As the paint dries, it transforms into a solid. As for powder coating, the powder is already in its solid form; creating a solvent-free application process and finish. 


Traditional solvent-based liquid paints have Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOCs. These are chemicals that are released as the paint dries. VOCs can remain active for years, leading to increased health risks to those exposed to equipment or machinery refinished with a liquid paint method.  

In contrast, powder-coated finishes are tough, durable, long-lasting, and release almost no VOCs. Since powder coating is non-toxic, it is a perfect solution for refinishing industrial and manufacturing equipment. And because powder coating is in its solid form from the beginning, there are no harmful fumes, making this a terrific solution for the environment and eco-friendly companies.


Because powder coating is generally the lowest polluting of all coatings, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends powder coating over traditional paint methods. As a clean, green, and eco-friendly coating option, powder coating is becoming a top choice for many industrial businesses. Here are a few of the ways powder coatings is making a positive impact on the environment:  

  • No air pollution. Aside from being non-toxic and free of VOCs, powder coating doesn’t generate any harmful fumes or other pollutants. This fact alone makes powder coating a viable choice for eco-friendly-minded companies focused on cleaner and  greener initiatives.
  • Recyclable. Material waste is at a minimum when it comes to powder coatings. Take overspray, for example. During the powder coating process, overspray can be collected, recycled, and used again, even in the same application. Since overspray can be considered a nuisance dust, it can be filtered and exhausted back into the coating facility. These measures keep overhead costs low while having little impact on the environment.  
  • Reduced Rework. The application process with powder coatings is more precise and controlled, therefore reducing the need for powder coating rework. This improved quality control also reduces other disposable waste, therefore creating eco-friendly workspaces.  

More Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a safe, clean, and eco-friendly option for refinishing industrial and manufacturing equipment. But what about the other advantages of powder coating?  Here are a few more reasons why powder coating is the cleaner, greener, and environmentally-friendly choice: 

  • Variety of finishes. Unlike liquid paint finishes, eco-friendly powder coatings are applied in smooth, even coats at greater thicknesses with fewer applications. With unlimited color options, powder coating offers finishes from glossy to matte, smooth to rough, and special appearances such as iridescent, glittery, or metallic looks.
  • Faster Turnaround. Wet paint applications can take multiple coats for complete coverage, emit harmful pollutants into the environment, and take hours to dry and cure. Eco-friendly powder coating can cure in just a few minutes, leading to quicker turnaround times for large volume projects.
  • Durability. Powder coating creates a tough finish that provides higher resistance to weather conditions and corrosion and provides a better moisture barrier than liquid paint. Plus, these longer-lasting eco-friendly finishes mean less money spent over time maintaining equipment.   

When it’s time to refinish equipment at your facility, look no further than Powder Coating Technologies. Our eco-friendly powder coating processes for industrial equipment and machinery focus on the environment while providing fast turnarounds to keep your operations moving forward. With the largest oven in the upper Midwest, we can easily accommodate industrial and manufacturing equipment up to 7,000 lbs and 30-feet in length. Whatever your needs, from short production runs to large/heavy equipment, reach out today to the specialists at Powder Coating Technologies.  

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