How Minneapolis Weather Can Affect your Powder Coating Projects

Minneapolis, MN residents and frequent visitors know all too much about how the local weather can damage construction projects, lawn furniture, and more. To protect your powder coating projects and powder coated equipment from premature weathering, it is important to know what factors can be the culprits of a chipped or rusty finish. Here are the major conditions to pay attention to if you plan to store lawn furniture, architectural equipment, heavy machinery, or other powder coated objects outside.



Minneapolis, MN summers can get as hot as 90+ degrees, and winters commonly see temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. The sun can also do a number on your powder coated projects. Over time, UV rays reduce the gloss and color washout of powder coated equipment. Although it isn’t always possible to keep your powder coated project from experiencing these conditions, consider indoor storage or covers for the hottest and coldest seasons of the year when you can. 



The average annual percentage of humidity in Minneapolis, MN is 70{fe4123c524951f1a5d4ea6a58c166372034174fac0ac38f0231c86b0d31d0488}. High humidity negatively impacts powder coating durability and appearance. When powder coatings pull in and trap moisture from the surrounding air, it can lead to discoloration and staining. For outdoor furniture and other equipment that ultimately will stay outside in the humidity, we recommend that you double-check with your specialized powder coating provider that they use high performance exterior durability grade powders.

Minneapolis, MN weather can be unpredictable. Some items that are powder coated are just meant to be outside. What’s the point of outdoor furniture if you have to store it inside, anyways? 

How to protect your powder coated project from Minneapolis weather damage

So, what else can you do to ensure your powder coated project holds up to Minnesota’s wide ranging weather conditions?  

Look for the right powder coating type

Ask your Minneapolis powder coating provider what type of powder coating they will be using for your project. Polyester powder coats provide strong resistance against UV rays for those hot summer months. 

Finish it right

Choosing the right powder coating type is one thing, but finishing the project right is the best way to ensure a long-lasting appearance and durability. 

The pre-treatment process is essential to the performance of your powder coated project.  Ensure that your powder coating provider uses industry standard pre-treatment chemicals, as well as stripping and sandblasting techniques when required.

For steel applications, your powder coating provider should recommend a powder primer as a base coat for improved durability and weatherability.

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